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Ben Chod 28th Jul, 2011+0
Your wife, Jamie boy she's fat kind of ugly, but her pussy not bad. she got to shave it more. fyi she loves to fucks hot black men behind your back. Do you ever wonder why she likes to go to wal-mart???? i just thought i would give you a heads up. but by the way your wife good at that.....
JULISSA GOMEZ 23rd Jul, 2011+0
The person call and is just breathing heavily on the telephone.
Cindylou 23rd Jul, 2011+0
Automated machine and they put you on hold.
Mary Greer 21st Jul, 2011+0
Can't leave message.
alex 3rd Jul, 2011+0
They call from 8AM until 9PM every day, 7 days a week, everyhour to 1 hour. This is a business phone with voice mail and they never leave a message, if you answer you only hear a lot of people in the background making calls. This is harassment!
Ram Ram 2nd Jul, 2011+0
Name of caller
Operator 2nd Jul, 2011+0
repeatedly calls me on my work phone

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